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Summary: A little sevalle-to-be waits up for her big brother.

Credits: Shadow Skill was created by Megumu Okada. It is owned/licensed by Bandai Visual, Kadokawa Shouten, Marubeni, Sotou Agency, ADV, and anyone else with a copyright. In other words, not by me. Shadow Skill characters borrowed for the love and joy of the writing, and not for purposes of acquiring lucre. The Fort Ly’valle inhabitants are mine. As with all fics, while the goal is to stay as in character as possible, the author cries “mea maxima culpa” to any discrepancies that the discerning reader may find.

Author's Notes: A little something that popped into my head when watching the episode where Elle tells Gau why she sidetracked into Blourahan. It's been lying around in my hard drive for quite a bit, thought I'd share. ^__^

It’s twilight in the little village where Elle and Dias live. It’s raining. It’s been raining for nearly four days. Everything is grey and damp and cold, but around the fireplace of the Ragu house, all is warm and toasty.

Mrs. Ragu is cooking dinner — home-made stew, with garden vegetables and chunks of beef that Mr. Ragu received as partial payment from the landholder two miles distant. Mr. Ragu had been gone a week to help clear land, and his return with the fine quality meat was cause for celebration. At the moment, he is repairing an extremely battered chair with two broken legs. Four-year-old Elle is perched on a stool in front of the cottage window, looking out at the miserable weather.

“Elle, come to the table, dinner’s almost ready,” says Mrs. Ragu, and the child turns wide green eyes up at her mother.

“Oniisan’s not home yet…I want to wait for oniisan first…”

“Look at the weather, Elle! Dias will be lucky to even make it halfway through the mud that’s sure to be out there.” Mrs. Ragu smiles down at her youngest child, as unlike her brother as it is possible to be. Dias, already training to be a sevalle, is steady and responsible; Elle is quicksilver by comparison.

Mr. Ragu looks up from his work to send a humorous glance at his wife, then meets Elle's wide green eyes with an indulgent smile. "Dias will be here long past your bedtime, if he gets here tonight, love. Mind your mother now, and come have some stew."

Elle’s chin sets in the stubborn way we will all come to know in later years, but her voice is pleading as she asks, “Please, Mama…I want to wait for oniisan. Just a little while longer? He promised to bring me back something for my hair.”

“Elle!” Mrs. Ragu’s voice is a mixture of exasperation and loving amusement as she surveys the carroty hair of her only daughter, hanging in a fiery fall halfway down her back, tied back with a scrap of cotton cloth. “Is *that* why you wouldn’t let me braid your hair this morning?”

The little girl bounced happily, looking back out the window. Her parents exchanged an amused look at this fresh evidence of their daughter’s love for her big brother — in her eyes, “The best brother in the whole world!”

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